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-Malaysian Students' Guide

-Physicians’ Oath

-Vision and Mission for Malaysian Medical Education Program

-Internal Regulations for Bachelor Degree


- Time Tables 2012- 2013

--  1st year , 2nd year

- 3rd year

- 4th year

 - 5th year



-A List of Malaysian Students' Names

   -First year     -Second year       -Third year      -Fourth year          


-Final Exam Results

First year

Second year

Third year                


-Statistical Analysis of Malaysian Students Final Results

                     First year

                     Third year

-A Report about Students' meeting for Medicine Faculties

-Malaysian Students' Activities Album

-Educational Program for teaching Arabic Language and Holy Qura’n for Students

-Students' Library

- Post graduate Studies Library File

- List of Honors for Malaysian students

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Student posters


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 Evaluation Questionnaire Report